Wednesday, December 7, 2011

the BIG easy

this week i have been in New Orleans for the largest pharmacy meeting of the year.
18,000 of us have taken over the city.  
it is an eye opening experience i have the pleasure of being a part of about every 3 years.
a time of reflection on my professional accomplishments, while at the same time my clinical inadequacies are nothing less than obvious!  i am seeing former students i have precepted with more letters after their name than i could imagine, working their way up the ladder to coordinators and directors.  for about 3 days  it sounds like a good idea to come home, dive in to some research, publish something, and sign up for a marathon of certification tests… i will be happy when monday rolls around and those thoughts have passed.  

i am having a fun time though!  here are some highlights….

first stop was cafe du monde for "the best beignets" in the world!  not going to lie, they were tasty!!  just don't inhale when you take a bite or it's powdered sugar city!

after the beignet stop we headed down Bourbon Street for some site seeing!  seriously folks… just site seeing.  right before the beignets my "midyear drinking buddy" informed me she was knocked up!!  no hurricanes for her {or me… that evening}!!! 
congrats to my {former} "drinking buddy" though! 
the weather was just perfect for walking around and people watching!  the smell took me right back to college!  
mmm mmm gross! 
let's pause and reflect that Christmas is just over TWO WEEKS AWAY!  "crazy bananas" i say!!
i did bump in to a friend from many many years ago in pharmacy school.  she was NOT knocked up and knew people in high places to feed me and drink me!
it is confirmed!!
advice from the shuttle bus driver, taxi cab driver, and one of my hubs-to-be's groomsmen:

it only cost me $26 to get them to STOP playing rocky top, eye of the tiger, and sweet home alabama!
if you have never heard "the devil went down to georgia" on the piano you are missing out.  it was well worth the 26 buck-oh's

then they lit it on fire!!  
that was our sign to go ahead and go to bed!

the food has been A.MAZ.ING

 shrimp and grits topped with a little crab meat: the best i have ever ever ever had
charbroiled oysters followed by grilled gulf shrimp salad

craw fish étouffée {not pictured} was also a tasty treat to go along with my {fried} seafood platter!

tucking myself in early tonight to get some work done and will be happy to sleep in my own bed tomorrow!

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  1. Yum! Yum! Yum! What a fun trip! Pinterest can take your mind right off that whole professional development I hear ;)