Thursday, December 15, 2011

seventy seven & one hundred

it's hard to believe it was just 77 days ago that our world turned upside down!  yesterday marked a milestone!  we finished the third treatment of "round-up."  mom has been nothing less than a complete ROCKSTAR.  i am so incredibly proud and amazed by how my parents have dealt with all of this!  i could not be more blessed.

we celebrated yesterday by watching "the Help."
mom and i were going to see this movie opening weekend back in august…  she called me on that tuesday night and said "i don't think i can go to the movies this weekend because my back hurts too much to sit up for 2 hours…"  little did we know then what that really meant.  so i thought it would be a wonderful early Christmas present!
it was not NEAR as good as the book… and mom and i chatted, and made dinner, and looked at jewelry, and gave about 50% of our attention to the movie!  {and now i can tell BABs where i get my "i can't sit still for a movie" from}
it was a favorite favorite favorite Wednesday if you ask me!

in 100 days my world will change again!  ...and my last name!
i am looking forward to it more than ever.  each day "something" gets checked off {or gets closer to being checked off} the "to do" list
our 2 to 1 mentors have been amazing tools to show us that this day is SOOOO much more than flowers, favors, and signature drinks!
it is seriously impossible to think i could barely breath ~75 days ago
and now our wedding day will be here before we know it!

a couple quickies…
this cute little man made his appearance to the world VERY early yesterday
Cole Alexander Williams, born at 2:16 am, 8 lb 3 oz, 19.5 in long
i can not wait to kiss his little cheeks and hug his momma's neck

and please lift up my aunt and uncle carol and buddy.  last weekend {after the SEC game} uncle Bud got an emergency helicopter ride to pensacola when they found a baseball size aneurysm in his belly AFTER a dislocated shoulder!  all are well now but seriously… can we have a teensy little break!
these will be some of the most blessed holidays EVER!

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