Sunday, December 18, 2011

the 13 years of "christmas dinner"

"About" 13 years ago there were some college kids that decided to start a little tradition.  Everyone cooked something yummy and brought it back to Athens for a break from the family on Christmas "break."  At that time we were lucky to have enough plates and forks for half of the guests… we had more beer than food… and there was definitely creative seating for everyone!  We have certainly matured, found new recipes, and GROWN in size!  Happy thirteenth Christmas Dinner ya'll.  Here is a look back.  I am missing a few years… {2006 and 2009}… if anyone has some shoot me an email and I will complete the collage!

1999 "first" Christmas Dinner @ 135
1999: still thinking of you GTIV

2000 @ 117

2003: with rudolph the "i burned my nose getting too close to a fryer" reindeer

2003: sethy-poo's first christmas dinner (maybe?)

2003: back in l'ville 

2004: i don't think this was official christmas dinner… but close enough!  "Crimus in Augusta"
2006: unofficial Crimus dance party! "the ladle's mine"



2011… great success!


  1. LOVE this post...I'm pretty sure that's me with my back to the camera in overalls in the first picture. I think it's safe to say we all look much better now than we did then don't you think? I'm sad I missed this year's picture due to my screaming baby. AND, next year we must take a picture of the kids too. Thanks for posting this!