Saturday, December 10, 2011

like it, pin it, do it, blog it: christmas!

hello… my name is Kim, and i am addicted to pinterest.
a friend of mine has the SAME "problem" except she started actually executing her pins and blogging about them.  
so why re-invent the wheel? 
{isn't that the nice way of saying "i'm copying"?}

as promised though…. the christmas decor post!

so my house is ALWAYS freezing, my thermostat says 73 {liar}, my fireplace-starter-lighter is dead, and i have no long matches.  i was cold and wanted to build a fire…



i have so many pins on my "holiday cheer" board that it really motivated me to put them in action!

if you have ever been to my house the week after easter, or 2 weeks in to spring, you will find that the beautiful flowers my MIL-2-B usually brings me are nothing more than a pot of dirt!  
this pin allowed me to do "something" with the pot of dirt that:
 a.) won't die {again}
b.) is simple and not expensive


yup… that is my year round pot of dirt!!

{surprisingly the pine cones smell like cinnamon too}

that is all i have for {completed} pins right now… but i do want to show off the rest of the holiday decor!

this is my pretty little {pre-lit} tree!  
one of my favorite christmas presents ever.  {back story: i had to work CHRISTMAS DAY during my residency 5 years ago.  my mom came over to Augusta a few weeks before and "gave" me christmas decorations for christmas… sad times when you are out of town and working on christmas day.  but it was really really one of the}  
i was raised with REAL trees but on the one hand i can count the # of times i have seen my parents "argue," 3 of those times were probably over stringing lights on a christmas tree!  its pre-lit for me all the way!  {that is what pine "flavored" candles are for}
i made this in kindergarten
beautiful stained glass cross.
the absolute most FAVORITE ornament i have
the cutest UGA christmas ornament
i gave to BAB's on "our" first christmas

my pharmacy school roommate made this about
10 years ago out of birth control pill boxes!
she was/is so crafty

i bought this nativity in Haiti on a mission trip.  
its a coconut and little clay people!  i wish i bought 50 of them for gifts!

the mantle.  i am starting to accumulate some of my mom's santa collection on the left!  
"won/stole" the big pink ball at last years' "Girls' Dinner Christmas Ornament Fight Exchange"

99% sure i got those little reindeer beanies out of a happy meal 25 years ago!

speaking of 25 years ago and never throwing away christmas stuff…
part of my christmas decorations present 5 years ago was the box of all our childhood ornamanents.  i use several still {walnut/strawberry} but most don't really "go" with the tree now.  
some of these little wooden goodies are older than i am
who can throw away a 30 year old rocking horse ornament!?

I got this idea all on my own!
No Pin Needed
plain wreath + hot glue gun
+ 30 year old christmas ornaments
= sentimental christmas wreath!
 the cinnamon-y smelling entrance!

don't forget to keep your Bailey's warm in a sweater

Exciting week ahead!  
last round of "round-up" on WEDNESDAY (#3)!!  
i am taking the day away from the office to run the jasmine cab {and MAYBE get a hair or two trimmed myself}.  i also have a surprise for mom… which will be our favorite thing on top of PICC line removal and so much to be THANKFUL for!!

Merry Christmas!


  1. Aw, thanks for the shout out! LOVE the DIY wreath you did without pinterest. Maybe one day I will come up with my own craftiness too and not just steal from pinners!

  2. Wow! Your decorations look great :) I remember those reindeer. I used to be obsessed with collecting them. Much love!

  3. Love love love your Christmas flair! Absolutely adore the wreath you made with your wooden treasures! And superduper big praises for your sweet mama!!! Woo!