Wednesday, November 30, 2011

wednesday's FAVORITE thing: powerAde ZERO

it's been a while since i have had a favorite thing AND the energy to blog about it on WEDNESDAY! {well just barely enough energy}

58 cents!  for 32 oz!

don't hold it past me to pick up another 32*32 before i head to NOLA {fun work trip ahead} this weekend and the sale is gone again for another 3 months!

a few random things to leave you with this evening:

BABs and i started our 2 to 1 premarital mentoring program and they encouraged us to read a Psalm a night.  with 115 days until our wedding, and 150 Psalms, we are on a role!  4 days in and 8 Psalms down.  it is a very nice 5-7 minutes of reflection to wind down a long busy day with each other!  i can not wait to get to some of my favorites: 13, 23, 40, 51, 86, 119…

i also wanted to send a shout out to my "soul sista" whose husband was diagnosed with hodgkin's lymphoma {"kudzu"} just over a year ago. he has been in remission and his follow up, follow up PET scan was clean as a whistle {they found out this past Monday}.  she is the one i stole the jasmine & round-up idea from, except they call it kudzu & juice!  she was probably one of the first people i poured my heart and soul of concerns out to when we found out about mom's jasmine!  i thought "if she can have a 3 month old baby, a husband with kudzu, and caboodles of other less than ideal circumstances happen to her and CONTINUE to smile {and be funny} and shine {and be BEAUTIFUL} and praise God… i need to know what is in her wheaties."  sure enough… it is faith in good old J.C.!  so just add a dash of that and… no… everything won't just magically be alright… it will still be a little a lot crappy BUT you will have the strength to get through whatEVER it is!  eat those wheaties!

p.s.  she also gave me a shout out on her blog and since then i noticed that maybe 5-7 MORE people have read my blog this week :) 
that makes me happy {and slightly more conscientious of typos!}

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  1. Girl! I am just a boo hooing reading this. You just don't know how much that means to me...preach it soul sister! Xoxo