Wednesday, March 30, 2011

WFT: justin bieber's sweatshirt

is it hot in here? because i might have Bieber Fever!
technically it was my favorite thing starting Tuesday but that is not how i play this game!  it has been a great week and i shout it out on wednesday!  besides signing the contract to officially release our wedding date, i had a wonderful day at work, and i received a gift from a dear family friend who works directly with the biebers.  apparently our little teeny bopper pop star has to purge his closet every once and a while too.  it is nice to be indirectly 'related' to the bieber's personal organizer!  this particular sweatshirt was chosen from a dozen hand-me-down hoodies on their way to the goodwill.  a few reasons i selected this purple d'eglingue hoodie! i mean it is purple.  represents peace and guitars… and most significantly, it did NOT have the tags on it (unlike several other donations) which means beebs may have actually worn it.  so go ahead and make fun of the 30 year old in the teenager's sweatshirt… i just have 3 words to leave you with: baby baby baby...

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  1. i am now a follower of your blog. i want a bieber shirt. i love this. i am jealous!!! (and I direct you to my slightly stalkerish bieber ode:

    no one should ever make fun of a 30 yr old in this sweatshirt!!! did you get matching hightops?!