Tuesday, March 1, 2011

$20 date night

problem: Friday night fail date
replacement: $20 date night

Week #1: 2/25/2011
Who's $20? Blake
Total spent: $18.99 (chicken quesadilla's from scratch followed by DVR catch up session)
I was able to get a work out in before dinner and didn't even have to put on mascara after my shower!  
AMAZING service!  He cooked, I cleaned and was asleep on the couch by 10:20!  I had jelly beans for dessert and didn't feel one bit ashamed for going back to get some extra watermelon Jelly Bellies!!  We have leftover chips and salsa for snacking and I used the leftover corn for my omelette's this week!

This week will be on hold since I am in a wedding!  I'd call it $20 Date Night but getting my hair done alone will break rule #1 (can not spend over twenty bucks on food and entertainment for said 'date') I will have my first go at it later!

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