Wednesday, March 2, 2011

wednesday's favorite things

if i was oprah... what would i give away?  
today's guest will all receive...
simple, affordable, unnoticeable: Hem Tape!

saved me $45 worth of alterations for that bridesmaids dress that is (you have all heard it)  "this one you can wear again..." oh wait... no you can't!  there is no such thing as a bridesmaids dress you can "wear again" unless it is a black cocktail dress you pull from your own closet (props sarah!)!!  i am aware of this rule and promise not to spread lies to my girls when i assign the dress!  my thoughts are "i like it, its my favorite color (not yours), it will match my dress, look good in pictures, and then make wonderful place-mats or fancy napkins!"  i bet jana or patty could even make a purse or "green" shopping bag out of it if asked!  that would be pretty cool!  but no... you probably won't ever want wear it again!  so just use $1.89 hem tape to stitch that sucker up!!  friday i will be showcasing a lovely plum ensemble that is the brides favorite color, will match her dress, look good in pictures....

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