Wednesday, April 6, 2011

WFT: not that exciting

when i woke up this morning i honestly did not think a simple anesthetic oral gel would be what stand out beyond my REAL favorite thing this week… but that will be postponed for another wednesday.

it has been a long day and i have a canker sore under the back of my tongue so one of the simple things in life made me feel better.  

and i am really hungry but it hurts to eat or drink :(  i can not even focus on work, reading, or tv due to the annoyance in the back of my mouth.  
unfortunately i had to turn one of the things i thought was a favorite in to a "never again" item.  since 'real' food hurts to eat, i thought a smoothie would be a great supplement for lunch… how bad can Smoothie King be?  i have been drinking the cranberry supreme for about 15 years and loving every minute of it.  why TODAY did i actually decide to take a look at the nutritional content?  
calories and carbs: a gazillion
protein and actual nutritional value: 6
we will be changing the flavor of "my favorite smoothie" and if it ends up being fabulous, maybe it will end up on WFT.  

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