Friday, March 11, 2011


$20 date night v2.0 SUCCESS :)

Sun-dried tomato and goat cheese ravioli along side pan seared chicken with sun-dried tomato Alfredo sauce, salad/lite peppercorn ranch dressing, with a Blue Fin 2009 California Pint Noir ($4.49). And Trader Joe's guilt free brownies for dessert.  I was even able to swing by the Blockbuster kiosk and picked up It's Kind of a Funny Story.  (we heart zach galifianakis and are seriously looking forward to SNL Saturday night).  As long as I return it tomorrow and don't have to pay another dollar we are in luck!

This weekend's things to do list:
return movie to Publix
pick up dry cleaning
run 5 miles
convince bridal shop they are going to have to come up with a solution to solve "situation wedding dress is too small"
use my Ulta rewards and cupoun
bread, milk, eggs, etc...

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