Tuesday, April 26, 2011

lug nut day

there is nothing like a flat tire when you have actually gotten yourself ready for work EARLY.  i guess that should teach me a lesson about trying to get to work on time huh!?

after 30 minutes of blood and sweat (no tears) i was able to get the donut on the car!  
sexy huh?

sweat: obvious!  the 'blood' comes from me angrily opening the car door in to my shin... didn't really draw blood but it hurt like hell and is going to leave a pretty big shiner on my leg.  the 'no tears' came from knowing last night i drove home in the most terrifying rain and lightening storm with a huge nail in my tire... and i plan to drive to athens (the greatest city on earth) in less than 48 hours.  it is truly a blessing to have this occur in my own parking lot!  if thats not turning lemons into lemonade...  seriously though, you should have seen the nail i ran over (probably friday-ish)!  i think i described it as ginormous!  i am sure this flat could have happened at any time!  gotta shout it out to the boys at Kauffman Tire!  did you know they fix flats for FREE?  i guess that is so you will continue to buy tires from them... which i will!  on another note... i did find a pack of rolling papers in the compartment with the spare.  unfortunately for me Marley McSnoop Dogg took the rest of their stash prior to trading in the TSX.  (disclaimer: i am kidding... just in case i ever decide to run for something or the board of pharmacy finds this!)

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