Thursday, April 14, 2011

WFT: morgan taylor mccranie

Morgan Taylor McCranie
8 lbs 8 oz
21.5 inches

little baby Mac is my favorite thing this week.  she came in to this world wednesday (as other regularly scheduled favorite things). since i was not able to get to NH until this evening to hug on the little cutie (and get a quick pic) i figured it would be quite alright to post it a day late!  it is so amazing to see my friends become moms!  i remember growing up thinking that these days were make believe and ages away.  i am not on the page to make it a reality just yet... but super thrilled to take a little (actually pretty huge) step in that direction as i get ready to be a wife!  
today also forces me to pay attention to the circle of life!  as one dear friend brings a new life in to this world, another sadly says goodbye to her last grandparent.  those days came and went for me several years ago… no one likes to see friends and 'family' hurting.  i missed the blessing of having 4 generations in the same room on my side.  all i know is that since i am taking my mother's maiden name back in just over 11 months, i can only think my dear grama is up there tinkering with things to leave her  mark on my future!