Wednesday, August 15, 2012

the last ten

So everyone says that the last 10 pounds are the most difficult to lose… right? What do you do when the first 10 and the last 10 are one in the same?  To be honest I'm not so much of a "lose pounds" kind of person… I think it all lies in the tape measure and how you look and feel.  So after a 10 week hiatus and a number of "Pinterest Hours" I am unwilling to disclose, I figure its time to maybe "do" some of the tips from my "fit and fab" board!
I have also been reading some pretty fabulous blogs about others' "weight loss" journeys and I say… if they can do it… I can certainly get to feeling "better" too- be it LBs or inches.  {off the record… I am not going to say that "my hip is better" but I will admit that I have not had to cry painful tears after the past 4 attempts to work on my fitness!!}
I have seen a lot of my new friends of the blogosphere get results with Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred.  So for $7 I ordered it… measured everything on my body, and took "before" pictures!  This is a little bit what they look like "before"!
Lets see where I can get in the next 29 days!  Maybe somewhere between there and here:


  1. Love 30 day shred! Even if I only made it 6 days ;) been thinking about you girl. How's your mama?? Hope she is doing fab!

    1. Hey Soul Sister! I have exercise ADD so I have not done the shred 2 days in a row yet! Luckily there are other things I can do to keep myself entertained! Mom's doing well. Thanks for asking. I think of you often also! Loved the pantsless post!