Tuesday, August 7, 2012

the great exuma honeymoon {5 months 'late'}

and since i am about 5 months late… here are some pictures from the honeymoon!  i am clearly going to have to tell the story with pictures to get caught up on all of the non-blogging i have been doing with my non-exercising!

First day as newlyweds we went to a 2 year old birthday party for one of our florists  daughters!

Living at the beach and having a super creative event designer for a mom makes for a kick @$$ birthday party.
It was nice to relax and be done being all "bridal". 
Hanging with the wedding planner off the clock!  She is a ROCK*STAR
…and then I scratched my cornea.  That 2 year old birthday party was crazy pants!
bumped up to first class on the way to the Bahamas!
we were in the purple section of first class!
thanks champagne and xanax!  the Miami airport… less than a first class experience!
Welcome to Sandals Great Exuma, Bahamas
getting ready to meet our butler!
a room with a VIEW!!
room service!  and then time to go to bed at 9 PM!!
{it was CST… so we did make it to the 10s where we come from}
our little villa!  {ours is the far right}

day 1: driving range
not sure what i am doing… just trying to look good doing it.

not sure why i love feet pictures so much… pre-dinner
/me… forgetting how long my hair was :(
busy day!
if only the water could've been more beautiful
waiting for our frosty drinks at the pool bar!

dinner at the pub

just anoter day at the office
loving the outfits
…learning the swing of things

my patient handsome instructor

he's taken ladies

showing off my coconut{s}
cabana #3 (PFC)
heading home… in the same oufit… not in first class!
home <3 sweet <3 home

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