Tuesday, August 7, 2012

the "kill"

so who else is obsessed with volleyball and abs now?  i.want.abs!  this comes with frustration though.  i just got off my spinner… and the same class i used to TEACH 4 times a week and 2 times on saturday i could barely get through in the "comfort" of my own home with some serious cheating.  we are taling U-G-L-Y!  but the good news is that i was actually able to "try"!
…flash back 3 months…
so after taking a 2 month "honeymoon" from the i am about to be a bride crazy "diet" i was feeling extremely motivated to get those abs that i didn't even know i wanted so badly until becoming interested in beach volleyball 10 days ago.  so why not dive into Insanity for the 5th time?  …in a hotel room in wisconsin… well {something} happened to my hip.  sciatica? bursitis? whatever it is it hurt like hell, to do anything… it even hurt to do nothing.  so i kept doing nothing for 2-4 weeks… saw a chiropractor… 6 weeks {still ouch}… 8 weeks {8 pounds}… got a shot… waited 10 days… tried doing something… the hurt came back.  NERF!  and couldn't be more frustrating especially seeing all of the beautiful bodies on tv.  
well its been almost 3 months now… and i am just happy to have completed 349 core exercises and a piss poor spin class in the past 48 hours.  baby steps right?  
i do have an appointment with an orthopedic sports medicine specialist in a couple weeks.  hope to get some "answers" and a plan!  i don't want to do anything stupid and hurt it all over again.  maybe i am just getting "old."  too bad i am not accepting that!

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