Saturday, January 14, 2012

seh-bun-dee days!!

Ahhh… at my favorite place on earth!  BMB!  Getting down to the wire here with the wedding countdown.  This is our last trip before we arrive for the wedding weekend.  BABs and I met with our photographer for lunch today for a walk through of the photo schedule.  Tomorrow we are going to head to "church at the Rave" and say hi to Pastor Eric.  "Pre" wrap-up meeting on Tuesday with our wedding coordinator!  I had to pretend that I didn't see a sample example of the "day of wedding schedule." As organized as I am, I didn't think even about "when the florist needs to start decorating," "when the caterers need to start cooking," "when the bartenders need to start chilling the beer… or bring ice!" {all all of that is on a schedule}  It's going to be enough to know where I have to be and when much less coordinating all of the vendors!  Like I said… I am just going to pretend I didn't see it :)

I got to FINALLY use my new Garmin today too {one of the Christmas presents that was about to get dusty}!  BABs and I went for a "quick" 3.5K walk today and I was able to download the whole thing online!!  You can see for yourself HERE.  What I did learn is that walking 4 mph in real life is much more difficult than on a treadmill.  I SWEAR it felt about the same… but Garmie didn't think so!  I was also able to start accumulating {stealing} the FREE visitor map guides for the "goodie buckets."  I figure, 5 here, 7 there… we'll get enough eventually!  {Even though they are FREE I am pretty sure that is not an invitation to walk off with 60 at a time} :)

Then there is the "wedding diet" WHILE on vacation!  And I don't even like saying "I'm on a diet!"  {disclaimer} I am COMPLETELY "content" with the way I currently look… but know that I don't always feel great after I overindulge and under stress that happens more often than not.  I know have some "room for improvement" and am lucky to have BABs playing along with me!  {# for # he is kicking my butt… don't you hate it that guys can do that?}  Serioualy though… I just had my cholesterol checked and to my surprise it was not "perfect."  The numbers that were very VERY slightly "off" are linked to dietary indiscretions and not enough exercise.  {note to self… don't have your cholesterol checked the week after you get back from New Orleans}  I have discovered that I can survive on MUCH less food than I was eating before… and that post-french-fry-cheese-dip guilt is gone!  Also now that the gosh awful shoulder pain is currently resolved I working on my fitness too!  As I brag about how "good" this diet is going, I look up to talk dinner plans… and BABs says "I want tater tots" and it kinda sounded like this...


Chicken, Salad, and Spray Ranch is what will be on the menu tonight!

{a.k.a. TWFT}


  1. Umm.. you are venturing dangerously close to spray butter territory. FYI! :-)

    1. i understand i am walking on a thin line here… god bless me if i ever spray it directly in my mouth. have been known to carry it in my purse to a restaurant though!

  2. Ahh! You are getting so close girl! So excited for you! Now off to find some of this "spray ranch". Maybe it will make up for 3 days in Vegas?? Love your wedding updates! Keep 'em coming!!