Wednesday, January 25, 2012

got the keys?

a little taste of my day…
click on the link and watch the youtube video… 
atleast the first 65 seconds.
{they have blocked embedding it for some reason}
remembering this scene is pretty much the only thing that got me through the day!
yes… i walked out of my house without any keys… house, car, office, badge.  for a few seconds i thought i left my phone on the charger too but WHEW!  at least i have Pinterest!  i allowed myself to cry for 45 seconds… i timed it... then remembered that FRIENDS episode!  thank the good lord there is a KP less than 2 miles from my house.  {i walked there once during the blizzard of 2K11… the first day of work in my 30s…}
today was a beautiful day so i dried my tears, put my big girl panties on {well, already had them on… otherwise they would have been locked inside too}, and headed up p'tree d'woody!  actually made it to that office on foot in less time than i would have made it to my regular office in the car!  it was much easier today also sans 6 inches of ice and snow!  
it is interesting the thoughts that run wild through your head as your body goes in to a complete defense mechanism!  i realized that my plate is full!  this "key thing" was much needed sign that i need to STOP for a second!  
i was stuck with myself for 20 minutes and quite surprised that the constant list of things i need to do wasn't flashing before my eyes!  seriously ya'll my brain has been non-stop since the monday after thanksgiving when i realized i was probably going to get another job, not going to move to alpharetta, getting ready for a week in NOLA, and those pesky holidays!  

imagine watching ESPN

you have the games coming up flashing on the left side of the screen {that's my wedding "to do" list}.  the main story {working three jobs at once for KP} i am only paying 1/2 of my attention to cause there is also a little ticker at the bottom moving at the speed of light with updates {exercise, laundry, oil change, grocery shopping}, and all of those scores at the top {email, text messages, facebook, oh my}.  that is what my mind has looked like for the past 2 months.  i thought for sure i was going to have a bad day since i couldn't even get to half of those things without being in MY office…. however the most serene calm came over me.  a little voice was just saying slow down… stop… you need rest!  it wasn't the easiest thing to do but as soon as i logged on the the computer i literally cleared off my entire social calendar for then next 9 days.  breaking plans with friends, 'disappointing' parents, closing the wedding notebook!  it was hard!  but it has resulted in one of the best most productive days i have had in a LONG time.  i later realized today that if i was not getting married {in less than 2 months}… i would be on a plan to Haiti for a medical mission trip!  maybe this time of rest is for me to focus on prayer for my friends, their safety, and that the Lord will provide the medication, supplies, and skills they need to help those so desperate for their arrival!  i mean really… the group comes back from Haiti in 9 days.  {the little voice asked me to "be still" until my wedding shower… happens to be in 9 days}

so i am just going to put it out there… "if its not bleeding & you can't see the bone" then don't call me.  if you are still itching to call me… then stop and say a prayer for international allied missions.  

who would have thought that locking yourself out of your house would be the best thing to happen to you all day!?

{and i know you are all wondering how i got in the house… BABs picked me up from work and bought me CFA for dinner. he has a key. then we went to our last pre-martial session and PASSED!!}  
59 days and now we have "permission"!

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