Tuesday, January 10, 2012

come on baby make it hurt so good

First of all I want to say thank you for the personal comments, texts, and emails to make me feel better… they are working!  I have had 2 PT sessions now and though I didn't think I was much better today, BABs reminded me that I did 45 minutes of YogaX last night, was able to get on my Spinner and take a solo Group Ride class in my living room Sunday {during the Falcons meltdown}, and completed the Insanity Fit test on Saturday…

Insanity Fit Test:  If you have 25 minutes and think "that is not enough time to push yourself beyond any limits" you are WRONG!  In this 25 minutes, there is a 4 minute warm-up, a stretch, then 8 one minute "test" where you count how many you can do, write it down, wait a minute, and then do the next test followed by a 4-5 minute "cool down" {or in my case was "lay face down on your living room floor for 4 minutes"}.  I added it up and it is a total… a TOTAL of 12 minutes of "real" exercise!  Well friends… twelve is all you need!  Let me put up a BIG disclaimer that I am NOT attempting to complete the 60 day INSANITY program {it's truly insane}.  I did feel it would be a good place to start and measure change and hope to do it again in 2 weeks… even if the only change is "lay face down on the floor for ONLY 3 minutes".  Here are the results… {to be posted Wed AM since they are in the notebook I left at the office}
Switch Kicks: 70
Power Jacks: 38
Power Knees: 65
Power Jumps: 25
Globe Jumps: 9
Suicide Jumps: 12
Push-up Jacks: 21
Low Plank Oblique: 52
(I had to add an extra 45 second of "rest" in between the Globe Jumps and Suicide Jumps or there would have been ZERO Suicide Jumps)

So that is where the "hurts so good" title comes from!  I am at the level of sore where it is hard to sit down on the toilet without having to hold on to the wall and therefore MUST be getting results!  I "like" this kind of sore and am happy to be sweating instead of crying again!  

Heading to the beach in 72 hours for birthday celebration, wedding day scheduling, and vow finalization!  can.not.wait!

I will be leaving you with my comment from "soul sista's" blog about a few confessions she had to make…  She ended her post with "So tell me, what are your confessions tonight?" …and so I did… and this was my confession…  
-I "found" a half dozen frozen Gigi cupcakes in my freezer from my parents 35th wedding anniversary party (in August) so I took one out, let it thaw, and ate the whole thing. 
-I put my pedometer in my purse in hopes it will make it look like I took more steps… and it DID!

It's sad but they are both SINCERELY true!  Do YOU have any confessions!?

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  1. Confessions:
    1) Seth bought Insanity on a whim after I had Lila. We did the fit test together and it hasn't left the box since.
    2) I am more than likely going to sign up for this sprint triathlon on Saturday with no bike, no gym membership or pool access, no exercise of any sort in almost two years, and scared s&%@less.
    Ah, that does feel better!