Sunday, November 27, 2011

and we're back

well that sucked!  the headache decided to go away {finally} and i was able to get the tree up and decorated!  bittersweet this being the last Christmas in my very own condo but looking forward to the new-bowers' first Christmas next year!  
i have plans for a post dedicated to the Christmas decor all to itself so stay tuned!

Thanksgiving was wonderful!  i have been full for about 5 days now.  just ate or tossed out the last of the leftovers {with the exception of my first cheesecake!}  i was happy to get permission to "make it again!" considering REAL baking {ah-hem… not out of a box} is a new to me.  
i was lucky to organize one family Thanksgiving pic at my parents after brunch!

mom is blonde {again} and beautiful {as always} and i am trying to remind her how much "more fun" we have!!  after a dose of mom's milk punch, sausage and rice casserole,  a nap, some football, and a raid of grama jo's jewelry {pronounced "jew-rea-uhl"} box, i left Thanksgiving 1.0 with a small hangover and a new strand of pearls!  the gluttony continued {T-Day 2.0} with turkey, dressing, mashed taters, etc. at the bowers!

worked black friday… not my favorite thing but not the end of the world either

speaking of favorite things… Christmas came early!  
baby got an iPhone!  i feel like such a big girl now. i was seriously living in the dark ages with a phone that would basically just call people!  {remember when they did that?}  THEN as i was downloading aps… pinterest was recommended as a MUST have ap for any bride-to-be's phone! i received my invitation and registered MONTHS ago but just didn't really "get it."  well Saturday i finally "got it"!  3 football games later i have 10 boards, DIY ideas that will never get done, too many recipes to try, and enough motivational "get your butt in shape" quotes to keep the 3 lbs i found this past week from hanging around too long!!

on that note i am going to hit the sack!  busy work ahead to get ready to be in NOLA for a whole week and MISS the SEC championship game :(

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