Friday, September 2, 2011

whippet good!

several favorite things to report!

1. 3 day weekends… pretty self explainatory
2. football season… Go Dawgs!  And thanks for not having the first 3 games at home starting at noon

3. new babies! {congrats Christine and Corey}  this brave lady had a surprise natural childbirth this afternoon!  ...what a hero…  but i don't really want to know her opinion on going natural!  call me crazy… but its just one of those bucket list things for me... un-like running a marathon, or becoming an iron(wo)man.  

4. 36 hour beach trips!  last friday we hit the road after work… "why do we drive 5 1/2 hours for a day trip to the sand?"  oh yes… this is why! we were home by 6 on sunday and had a little sunburn to remind us of the quickie until Wednesday!

5. whippets: 1 part pinnacle whipped cream vodka; 2 parts whynatte latte {canned caffeinated latte coffee beverage}.  the official tailgating beverage of the 2011 season for the bowers and bowers-to-be clan.  also not bad on the beach *for lunch*

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