Wednesday, August 10, 2011

wft: going to bed in the *tens*

i seriously can not remember the last time this happend!
it is amazing what one can actually accomplish in a day when you get out of bed within 2 slams of a snooze button {6:30} versus adding an hour of very interrupted sleep in 9 minute intervals.  
i got to work early (in the sevens) for a meeting at 8!  enjoyed an impromptu lunch HOUR with BABs and left the office in the fives!  i was even able to get 2 classes in at the gym {gPower AND gRide}, swing by the grocery, and was home at 8:07!  it was GLORIOUS!

dinner = jelly bellys, baked chicken breast, and a peach with a glass of pinot grigio
{hope the hubs~to~be is okay with that as a three.course.meal}
tv = only had the attention span for 3 of the YouTube acts from last night's America's Got Talent {but i think team iLuminate has this whole gig in the bag… see video below}
voluntarily going to check out for the day even though there are clothes to put away and a dirty pan in the sink!
g'night ya'll

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