Tuesday, September 20, 2011


yeah… so the picture below pretty much explains the title! 

ladies and gentlemen this is not a page from the catalogue!  
**this is a photo of my bathroom counter**

before last week i'll admit i had some satin hands & "thinking of you" Eau de Parfum
after finding out one of my favorite nurses was an MK not-for-profit distributor things got a little out of hand!  
God bless a 50% discount!  
facials and microdermabrasion = tuesday's favorite thing 

**on the wedding front**
186 days to go too… (a.k.a 6 months and 4 days!)
one tiny step closer to locking in an officiant 
{less need to worry Kitty}
we will however, award one lucky guest a "surprise" if they complete this application and have to use it
and the planning the honeymoon ball is rolling!!

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