Wednesday, February 22, 2012

take THAT c-word!

Just want to give a shout out to my mom for kicking some major JASMINE @$$!
Today was the first day of the rest of her life after finishing:
back surgery with 5 spinal fusions
1 bone marrow biopsy
3 rounds of chemo {R-CHOP}
2 PET scans
22 days of radiation
…but who's counting!
Look what she got today
Can't wait to see them when they all bloom!
We are beyond blessed that the {miserable} list is as short as it is though!  I know many are not as "lucky" as we have been… prayers and thoughts go out for those that have traveled this path before, those who have "won" it, those that "lost" the battle, those who are still on it, and those just beginning… 

We have an official WEDNESDAY'S FAVORITE THING!!

BABs and I had a BALL this past weekend spending our Costco rebate check!  No one will go thirsty at the pre-wedding bon fire, we got a super awesome Keurig, and a SodaStream {as seen above}.  I still got $9 in change!  We broke it out tonight and made some homeade diet grapefruit soda {or Fresca}.  I drank a whole liter of it… and then we added 9 flavors to our BB&B registry!  We aren't kidding folks!  We want soda flavors as a wedding present!  Then I read a blog where you can buy liquid caffeine and add it to your soda for a little boost!!  Might be trying that sooner than later!

Speaking of wedding… thirty-one days!
Except for one more run to Kinko's and a frantic first day when I get to Florida I am pretty much "done"!  Super looking forward to my "girls' weekend" in A-town this weekend!  WOOT WOOT!
Feel free to leave any last minute wedding advice in the comment section!  

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