Monday, February 13, 2012

forty days...

things accomplished
  • finalized proposal with florist… {well my pharmacist eye saw where she has an 8 instead of a 4 for "# of table arrangements"… luckily the price is only for 4} …so almost finalized floral proposal
  • first day back at the office without a resident to train or precept or teach or proofread or correct… you really take for granted just doing thing your own way {the right way} the first and only time!  accomplished lots there
  • found yankee candles at Kohl's for 80% off!  {the reception bathrooms are going to smell sooo pretty!}
  • DIY programs with tiny bows done & done!  {very therapeutic for an OCD girl} on another note: tiny bows are the devil!
  • burned and delivered 1 of 2 photo cds necessary for wedding celebration!  {21, if you are reading this… as soon as i write you back it will be in the mail!}
  • valentine's day crock pot chili ingredients ready to go!  ground beef has been browned and drained and is prepared for chili tomorrow
things i learned today
  • you are silly to call your florist the day before valentines's day!  she sounded really busy for some reason!?   
    • gf: "fisher's flowers"
    • kd: "hey grove! its kd.  i am so glad i caught you in the shop!"
    • gf: "yup! busy day with all the valentine's flowers coming in"
    • kd: "i am so dumb… you can call me back wednesday if you need to"  {so dumb, for real}
    • luckily i DID pick the ONE day of the year she was actually IN her shop!  she was even awesome enough to talk to me for the {final} changes! i heart grove fisher
  • thou shalt not try to carry a macbook in one hand with a glass of water in the other hand whilst balancing iPhone ON TOP OF aforementioned glass of water whilst walking across the house in the dark whilst also face timing fiancĂ©!  iPhone is "sleeping" right now in a delicious bed of jasmine rice!  isn't the name of the rice ironic?
  • i am "allergic" to wedding planning… all of the planning i have accomplished has been WONDERFUL but has also sent an invitation for my little buddy "the terrible shoulder knot" to make an appearance again!  i must need another massage!
things that were not so accomplished today
  • dishwasher is still full of clean dishes {glass half full perspective: i ran the dishwasher yesterday!}
  • the self proclaimed 40 day less-cheese-more-core-work challenge did not start.  {i am considering this a plus though… since the 40 day challenge wil spill over in to married life now and i won't just immediately "let myself go" once all of these wedding shennagans have come and gone}
things i am looking forward to
  • BABs comes home from 6 days away for work and a brotherly bonding weekend!  
  • valentine's day chili!  all i have to do is open 6 cans in the morning and add beef… 10 hours later dinner will be served!
  • first official meeting with my new group at work!  {new jobs are pretty cool!  will be ready to give this old one away soon… cause doing 2 jobs, and getting paid for one, is less cool}
  • finishing the hunger games!  {like 10 chapters left in book #3}
  • 5 ingredient girl's dinner thursday!
  • waking up tomorrow to a functional iPhone {a girl can dream right?}
g'night y'all

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