Wednesday, February 2, 2011

re-finding my chi

so i guess starting the blog also requires keeping up with the blog.  today was a good day! woke up early to restart teaching my 6am spin class after a 5 month hiatus.  at 5:20 i thought to myself "what was i thinking?" but when all was said and done, i finished my workout by 6:55 this am.. or did i?  as soon as i walked in the door, i checked my email to find an emergency sub request  for group Power at 5:30 pm!  of course i said yes (kinda hoping for double pay for last minute emergency relief... but no) and in 24 hours, 3 classes taught!  now i am aching but remembering the sweet feeling of getting back in shape!  FitBit says total "steps" today: 9498, but we can just say 9500+ since i still have to walk to bed!  one more week to procrastinate the 1/2 marathon training!  maybe when i share the blog and get some readers i will inherit some motivation and more encouragement!  8:41 says BEDTIME for this tired girl!  not one bit ashamed to say i will be asleep in the single digits!

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