Saturday, February 12, 2011

fail date friday

Just over a year ago I took my fiance (then boyfriend) to one of my most favorite beach restaurants ever, The Red Bar.  We had just driven in to Florida for our first beach trip together.  Surprised that we only had to wait about 20 minutes, I was looking forward to crab cakes, live entertainment, and well... the beginnings to a lovely weekend.  So how did Friday Nigh Fail Date Start? Step one: no more crab cakes (i can deal), step two: table in the back room that has clearly been "reserved" for a drunk hippy wedding (we were one of two couples that were NOT a part of the wedding) "What honey? I can't hear you.  There is a wedding up my ass", step three: dad of the year changes his baby's diaper AT the table (because he may have missed something if he went to the rest room?), step four: crazy aunt (or possibly drunk mother of the groom) falls in to my dear boyfriend's plate of chicken! So there you have it!!  Little did we know Fail Date had only just begun!

A few months ago I had a itch for some Mexican.  Though in a fairly sketchy part of SS, Tijuana Joe's has my most favorite combo platter! So we are seated at a dirty table, delivered a basket of chips and salsa and ignored for the next 15 minutes!  Not even an "I'll be right with you".  Convincing myself that half a basket of chips had filled my Mexi-quench we decide to move on to 5 Seasons Brewery.  Whoopsey!  It has changed its name to Lucky Devil Brewing and it is opening night!  An hour and forty-five minute wait!  No Thanks ( guys realize that is it the SAME food and beer it was before... just a different, yet cheesier name now!)  Certainly third time's a charm?  How hard can noodles and sushi be?  Very hard for the eleventeen server that told me the difference between tempura and Katsu fried was that one was "fried" and the other was "kinda fried but a little different".  And did you order a steak fried rice bowl and chicken fried rice bowl with brown rice?  Here are 2 chicken fried rice bowls with steamed rice.  I'm 97% sure that is what the table next to us ordered though!  FDF#2 Check!

The NEXT Friday after FDF#2 our good buddy Jed Eckert inviteed us to the VAHI for burgers at Yeah!Burger for a nice little "fancy" hamburger... or glorified Fudruckers!  I was in the mood to sit down.  No problem... how about Everybody's Pizza.  How about not; since they have relocated to Emory.  Again no worries... but BABs and I look puzzled at each other and think "oh no not again?  certainly not 2 weeks in a row?"  Restaurant #3: back to burgers at George's Bar and Restaurant.  Long wait: no problem!  3 seats at the bar right away!  Fried "something" appetizer: right away, 3 cold beers front and center!  Dinner?  90 minutes later "let me go check with the kitchen."   Starving at this point I inhale my overcooked turkey burger/hockey puck!

The next Friday we dine in.... SUCCESS!!  No Fail Friday :)  Thank you $5.99/lb crab legs at Kroger!

So... nice little break from FDF until last night!  Nothing major!  Just a little mix up at the OutBack.
Salad with a side of blue cheese, with no onions and extra cucumbers please! = Salad with side of ranch and extra croutons!  Under 500 cal steak with steamed veggies, no butter, and light seasoning (gotta get ready to fit in that little white dress) = whatever COVERED in butter!  Take that 16% tip!  (I also witnessed a non-sweet/sweet tea mix up at the table in front of us: same server! FDF#4

Ah-Ha moment!!  Create reoccurring series for blog! FAIL DATE FRIDAY!  Now it is a joke and I want to push it to the limit!  ...within reason of course.  No skydiving/bungee jumping dates on Fridays!  We will NOT be getting married on a Friday, and are even considering having the rehearsal dinner on Thursday!  ...let me think... Next Friday I am flying to Raleigh to visit a friend and see BABs for his long work week out of town!  start saying your prayers now people!!  Lets hope fail date stays in the realm of restaurant service!

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