Wednesday, October 26, 2011

in 12,960,000 seconds...

we will dance and laugh and cry and celebrate and rejoice and live and love!!  i'll be in white, mom in pink, BABs in a light khaki (just like i like my coffee) suit, EVERYONE will be sporting their "CANCER SUCKS" lime green bracelets…

…and fingers crossed i will still get to end up on a boat emailed me this week to remind me that i needed to order bridesmaid dresses {5 out of 6 ain't bad so far} and send in the order for wedding invitations {since i should have had the proof from last month}.  luckily i fell behind on schedule!  what the email did not ask me to do was decide on a "new" reception site which would change the flowers, decor, menu, seating arrangements, and color scheme that was pretty much set!!  
{please be prepared for a reception music montage of "we didn't start the fire" "burning down the house" "baby you can light my fire" and from one of BAB's favorite bands, KISS, "heaven is on fire"}  

"When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze. For I am the LORD your God, the Holy One of Israel, your Savior" Isaiah 43: 2b-3

wedding schmedding…. today we were blessed with a miracle!

MIRACLES=Wednesday's Favorite Thing

Mom's PET scan and spinal tap came back clean as a whistle;  and by whistle, i mean the only "bad" spot seen was where we found the initial "patch of Jasmine" in her back.  we went from a guestimated stage IV lymphoma that was miraculously downgraded to stage I.  silly Jasmine… thinking it can mess with the dobbinators!  so we are looking at 3 cycles of "round up" instead of 6-8.  hoping to be done with this nonsense by the end of 2012!  this doesn't give you angels and prayer warriors permission to erase mom's name off the list just yet… we still have some ugly "round up" to get through… but we are finally finally FINALLY seeing a glimpse of sunlight behind this dark cloud that has been following us around for 3 weeks.  

i was also reminded today of some funny memories with friends from previous "cocktail parties of the south".  a long time tradition for the UGA/UF game in jacksonville that started over 10 years ago (for us) with 25 best friends crashing some brave parents' home to sleep under dining room tables and on kitchen floors next to a running dishwasher… who said trampolines and lawn chairs couldnt be "beds" either?  
once we graduated to renting a house that would actually sleep 25 we still enjoyed acting like absolute college kids.  never ever have i laughed so hard at a game of "battle of the sexes" and thought of simple cooking techniques {blanching} in such inappropriate ways… followed by a midnight snack of oreo cookies with a mini snickers in the middle dipped in neapolitan ice cream.  i will miss the GA/FL weekend this year but look forward to heading to BMB friday morning for a 'relaxing' wedding planning 2.0 weekend!

if this isn't funny to you then i am sorry… if it makes you tinkle in your big girl {or boy} panties a little then you're welcome! {i may or may not be implying that happend during the filming of this video} 

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  1. i can't lie. i may or may not have tinkled a bit in my work panties. FL/GA was one of my fave wkends whilst living in Jax and this is a great video of all the fun that can be had!!