Monday, June 27, 2011

been busy...

let's see how i do in summing up the past few weeks…

BACK STORY:  last november was not my best month… applied for, interviewed for, and didn't get 2 jobs… (looking back now a MAJOR blessing in disguise).  then didn't pass a test i had been "studying" for about a month.  one of those tests where you hear "oh, you will pass it!  you'll pass it with flying colors"…  missed it by 5 questions and honestly if i had one more month to study i am not sure what i would have changed (other than not preparing for 2 big interviews with presentations at the same time)!  it had been a while since i went 0 for 3 (probably my past dating life) and i was pretty bummed… VERY bummed.  but my boyfriend decided he wanted to marry me ("failure" and all) and christmas morning changed my perspective on things.  

yada yada yada… took the test again today and passed!  not at all by flying colors… but passed!  i now have three more letters behind my name :)  kim dobbin, pharmd, cde!!  (that is certified diabetes educator if you were wondering).  luckily when you pass you get reimbursed, so i swung by the apple store and picked myself up an iPad2 (and a CFA sandwich)!  i tell you what though… 6 years later... studying sucks a LOT more than it used to!  it has made me CRAZY!  thank goodness for my "anti-bridezilla-pills" or else i really would have lost it and probably failed again!  i wonder how i did it in school for 20 years and never much "worried" about tests!

lately to my surprise i am not missing Oprah at all!  i <3 ellen!  she makes me laugh a lot more than the big O!

got my tenth peachtree road race number last week!  thats going to be a hot race!  but at this point i can't just stop getting t-shirts!

reinstated massage monday today!  and got a facial!  that was nice (esp after taking the magic pills).  

7 days until vacation and the resurrection of wedding planning (as if i didn't make myself a bomb-@$$ super organized notebook during a "study break" last week).  now with iPad in tow i have all my questions, ideas, and contracts in one place and ready to go!!  

this weeks' favorite thing: xanax!!

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