Monday, May 30, 2011


we spent memorial day weekend up in the blue ridge mountains with a couple of couples.  it was a nice relaxing weekend!  

i was trying a new medication to help some of my anxiety lately but suffered from some not so fun side effects.  of the 48 hours we were there i spent over half of them asleep and ~12 of those hours included a nauseating migraine :(  its now 9:30 pm on monday (though my brain still thinks it is sunday) i have had a workout, a nap, baking therapy, a steak, and i feel near headache relief for the first time all weekend!  the sad part is that the pill TOTALLY took the edge off!  i just can not function with my skull splitting like that.  i guess there isn't much worry about when all you are physically able to do is sit in a dark quiet room!  
the highlights of the weekend included jilly's cupcakery cupcakes and a flying squirrel!

 here is a video to show some of the excitement!  the video may seem a little anti-climactic… but this was after the squirrel 'flew' about 20 feet off the window sill.

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